Welcome to BirdLife Switzerland!

The Swiss Association for the Protection of Birds SVS/BirdLife Switzerland is active for the conservation of biodiversity in Switzerland and, through it's partnership to BirdLife International, all over the world. SVS has a membership of more than 63,000 and is the organisation of 21 national and cantonal associations with 450 local groups.

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Visitor centres of BirdLife in Switzerland

Visit our two visitor centres Neeracherried near Zürich and La Sauge near Bern! 


La Sauge:

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20 Years of EuroBirdwatch!

Last year, the largest annual event of the European BirdLife partners, the EuroBirdwatch, has celebrated its 20th anniversary! Besides offering activities for the public all around Europe, the event raises awareness for the fascinating bird migration and how important it is to protect bird habitats, breeding areas, stopover sites and flyways.

EuroBirdwatch13 was managed by SOS/BirdLife Slovakia: http://ebw2013.vtaky.sk/